Transvulcania and Binter take off towards the tenth edition

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The airline, which will strengthen the connections with La Palma the week of the race, is going to sponsor again the Binter Vertical Kilometre, which will take place the 10th of Mai.

Transvulcania and Binter will work together again at the tenth edition of the Transvulcania of La Palma. The Canarian Airline will remain as a part of “the family” of the race after the agreement reached between both parts and sealed in the offices of Binter in Gran Canaria.

Thus, Binter is going to be again the official sponsor of one of the most attractive races worldwide, the Binter Vertical Kilometre. This race is included in the calendar of the Vertical Kilometre World Circuit, which only includes a few races all around the world. This means that the best runners of this modality will be taking part of the race the next 10th of Mai in La Palma, in order to compete at one of the most attractive and tough races in the world.

The sports counsellor of La Palma, Ascensión Rodríguez, mentioned that “our relation with Binter is more than only a sponsorship agreement. It has become something familiar, and I only have words of appreciation for them, because of the inestimable support that they have given us over the past decade”.

Noelia Curbelo, responsible for the institutional relations and communications of Binter, showed her “satisfaction for announcing one more year the agreement between Transvulcania and Binter. We will make again a great effort with a huge technical and human device for covering the enormous demand of flights caused by the Transvulcania”. Curbelo said that they will do their best in order to guarantee the mobility of the athletes, the relatives and the fans that will be in La Palma during the week of the race.

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