The online broadcast of Transvulcania had 85.000 visitors from 108 countries

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Transvulcania Naviera Armas 2017 can add to its records the fact of becoming the edition with the most number of online spectators, reaching 85.000 visitors from 108 countries around the world.

Broadcasts of the Ultra Marathon and the rest of modalities celebrated in La Palma between May 11th and 13th were followed by spectators all over the world through the internet live streaming, thanks to an unprecedented coverage.

The Youth and Sports Counsellor of the La Palma Island Council, Ascensión Rodríguez, highlighted that “the good results of the Transvulcania monitoring, not only by the media that travelled to the island to cover the race, but also through the internet, show that Transvulcania is a quality brand in La Palma and has turned into a must-attend event for trail runners and for the fans of this sport.”

The highest number of visits was on Saturday, May 13th, at 9:00 am, when the number of online users following the first kilometres of the Ultra and Half Marathon was nearly 2.470.

Regarding the geographical distribution, most of the online fans of the race were from Europe (more than 83%, with Spain in second place). The second country with more visitors following Transvulcania was the United States, with a total of 1.820 devices in which the online streaming of the race was followed at some time.

France was the third country with more users connected to the Transvulcania website (1.503 devices), followed by two countries that are related to the Canary Islands due to tourist reasons: Germany and the United Kingdom, with 834 and 797 devices, respectively. Other important figures from countries directly related to the participating athletes are those of Sweden (357 devices) or Japan (143).

In addition to the live broadcast through the Transvulcania website, several live transmissions were carried out on Facebook Live. The press conference held in the capital of Spain reached 11.761 views on Facebook, was shared 129 times and received 345 reactions from users.

This tool was also used for the live broadcast of the meeting Transvulcania Talks, which had 820 views, was shared eleven times and obtained 57 reactions. The broadcast with more repercussion took place on the Friday before the race, when a round table with elite runners was organised, along with the traditional briefing of the race. This broadcast reached 19.452 views, was shared 65 times and received 549 reactions from Facebook users.

For its part, the official Facebook page of Transvulcania has more than 65.000 likes and the Twitter profile has more than 21.400 followers. Transvulcania also has more than 10.800 followers on Instagram and 2.147 YouTube subscribers.


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