Naviera Armas will give away free ferry tickets to Transvulcania runners

Naviera Armas, a leading shipping company in the Canary Islands, will be the main sponsor of Transvulcania. The event’s official name will become “Transvulcania Naviera Armas 2016” and every single participant in any of its races will get a free return ticket to sail to La Palma. An additional connection from Tenerife during the big weekend and complimentary free tickets to the rest of the Canaries for those runners who already live on La Palma are also part of the sponsorship deal.

The offer, whose details will be known in the coming weeks, will apply to those participants with a confirmed entry in any category (Ultramarathon, Marathon, Half Marathon and Vertical Kilometer), regardless of their nationality and place of residence.

It doesn’t even matter from which of the Canary Islands are they departing from, nor the number of their travel companions. In fact, every single person travelling with a registered runner will also benefit from a discount.

Additionally, Naviera Armas will reinforce the service, adding a supplementary ferry connection from Tenerife one day before the race and returning one day after. This will be the first instance of a service long in demand.

Barbora Mazakova

this is very nice :) I am a registered runner for Transvulcania. But I would like to travel from Tenerife to la Palma earlier -approximately 5 days before the Race. Is it possible to have free tickets also earlier? thank you for reply :)

TRV Press

Dear Barbora. Thanks for your interest in Transvulcania. The agreement will allow to travel a number of days before the event, but as we say in the note we are still sorting out the details with the sponsor. Stay tuned to our website and social media and thanks for your patience.

Barbora Mazakova

Thank you very much :) I will wait for more details 😉 have a nice day!

Piotr Kaczmarek

Do you have any more details concerning the tickets from Tenerife? Me and group of my friends (participants) are waiting for your call with our flight bookings.

TRV Press

Sorry about the late reply, but we wanted to make sure that we could offer at least an approximate date. Our sponsor says that the computer system needed to make this work is now virtually complete. We hope to be able to launch the bookings next week.

Ben Zuehlsdorf

any update on the ferry booking system?

TRV Press

Yes. It’s open since 16/03 Bear in mind that when booking you need to write your ID exactly like you did during your race registration.

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