La Palma and Canarian runners performed at a high level in Transvulcania 2017

The first La Palma man to complete the route was Antonio José Martín, with a time of 8 hours, 31 minutes and 26 seconds

Ana Begoña González repeated as the first La Palma woman to cross the finish line and improved her previous mark


The athletes from La Palma and the Canary Islands who faced the challenge to participate in the different modalities of the ninth edition of Transvulcania made a great performance in the four competitions of the event.


The first La Palma athlete who completed the 74,3 kilometres of the Ultra Marathon was Antonio José Martín, who crossed the finish line located in Los Llanos de Aridane after 8 hours, 31 minutes and 26 seconds, finishing in the 31st position. He was followed by Iván Cáceres, who clocked 8 hours, 47 minutes and 22 seconds, and Maiker Armas, who came one second after Cáceres, becoming the third La Palma runner to cross the finish line.


Among women, the performance of Ana Begoña González was remarkable, repeating as the first woman from La Palma to complete the Ultra Marathon, with a time of 10 hours, 46 minutes and 37 seconds. She improved her last year mark and became also the first Canarian woman to cross the finish line, securing a place in the top 20. Yesica Pérez was the second La Palma woman in the finish line after almost 13 hours, followed by Zoraida Camacho, who came some minutes later.


Among the athletes from the rest of the Canary Islands, is worth highlighting the performance of Tini García Pérez, who stopped the clock after 8 hours, 33 minutes and 56 seconds, obtaining the 36th position in the male overall classification, and Alejandro Fraguella, who was 39th.


H10 Hotels Marathon


Regarding the H10 Hotels Marathon, the best among the locals was Víctor Luis Concepción, who registered a time of 4 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, finishing 5th overall, followed by Samuel Fernández, who was 13th, and Jordan Lorenzo, who managed to make it into the top 20.


La Palma athlete Ana Belén Pérez was the best of the local female runners, completing the 45 kilometres of the route with a mark of 5 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds. She was followed by Yaiza Reyes, who stopped the clock in 5 hours, 47 minutes and 48 seconds, and also by Carmen Gladys Ortega, who was third with a time of 6:42.23.


The Canary Islands runner who had an outstanding performance in this modality was Esteban García, who arrived at Puerto de Tazacorte after 4 hours, 22 minutes and 52 seconds, among the top 10 overall. For her part, Dominique Van Mechgelen, Belgian living in Gran Canaria, stepped onto the female podium of the modality as the third classified, with a time of 5 hours and 24 seconds.


Half Marathon


In the Half Marathon, which had the finish line in El Refugio del Pilar, the La Palma runner María José Díaz obtained the 13th place after completing the route in 3 hours, 30 minutes and 43 seconds, becoming the first female participant from La Palma and the Canary Islands to cross the line. She was followed by María del Mar Rodríguez, who was 18th, and Karina Ferraz (33rd).


In the male category, local runner Diego Gómez had an impressive performance, obtaining the 12th place with a time of 2 hours, 37 minutes and 15 seconds, followed by Sergio Pérez and Alejandro Díaz.


The best Canary Island athlete in this modality was Efrén Segundo, who came right after the winner, Swiss Rémi Bonnet, and took the second place. Regional runners Francisco Manuel Rodríguez and Domingo Juárez also completed a great Half Marathon, finishing 5th and 11th, respectively.


Binter Vertical Kilometer


In the Binter Vertical Kilometer, which took place on Thursday, May 11th, the La Palma sportsmen who did great were James Ouchterlony (14th), Sergio Pérez (28th) and Luis Ángel Suárez (30th).


Among local female runners, Aurelie Pérez was 14th, while María José Díaz and Yurena San Fiel finished 16th and 18th, respectively.


In this challenge, which consisted of climbing from Puerto de Tazacorte to El Time, the Canary Islands athletes Francisco Manuel Rodríguez and Nuria Muñoz obtained the 11th and 13th position in their respective categories.




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